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Transforming Manufacturing Since 1999

Universally acknowledged as the central IT backbone among diverse discrete manufacturing sectors, Icsoft has been helping businesses upscale over time with production management software and more!

Years of Industry Experience

MES and ERP software solutions developed through decades of churns and cycles in the IT industry.

Forged by Techno Industrialists

Set up by the first-generation techno-industrialists to enhance the flow of manufacturing.

One-Stop Software Solution

Offering both independent and integrated MES and ERP software solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

Solutions and Support

A service team dedicated to guiding your organisation through each stage of the product life cycle.

IcSoft ERP

Gain insight into production processes, equipment performance and more to maximise overall productivity

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IcSoft MES

An approach to quality manufacturing that is real-time, interactive, and operationally driven.

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Looking for better inventory control, improved productivity and real-time visibility?

We can help!


IcSoft’s smart manufacturing solutions for lean production planning in the age of Industry 4.0

Digitize your project lifecycle for ultimate growth and profitability

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